Welcome to Cerebral Web & Digital

Cerebral Web & Digital provide a variety of services, often complimenting the work of our other associated expert areas within market research, creative design and particularly user testing, usability & eye tracking. In terms of web development we’re primarily a Drupal shop, specialising in all things Drupal, and generally work within the unix/linux world. However, this is not to say that we do not work with other technologies where such requirements present themselves and have worked on many successful Microsoft based projects in the past. Why do you favour Drupal as your web development platform? If you’re reading this, we’re assuming that you’re perhaps unfamiliar with Drupal and the benefits of using such a system. In short Drupal is an open source, highly scalable, flexible and ultra secure CMS (Content Management System). The uses for the Drupal system are endless and in addition to being used for web development is also geared toward mobiles devices and the mobile web, particularly with the much anticipated release of Drupal 8. Drupal can be used to build websites of all shapes, sizes and requirements, from small information based sites to massive enterprise level projects, including mobile application and e-commerce sites. With the likes of Sony Entertainment, Warner Brothers, BBC, The White House, Digg, Forbes, Reuters and many, many more such companies moving to the Drupal platform, Drupal is fast becoming the choice for clients in the know. As an open source system Drupal’s managed and developed by the Drupal community as a whole. It’s benefits include and not limited to:
  • it has an excellent support system in place;
  • there are no proprietary licensing fees;
  • highly portable;
  • extremely secure;
  • it’s the most popular and most powerful open-source CMS;
  • a clean and extensible code base;
  • fully customisable;
  • integrates easily with 3rd party vendors;
  • infinitely scalable; and
  • standards compliant.
    Do you provide for Android and Apple Application development?
    Even though at this time we do not have the in-house resources for Android and Apple associated application development we do manage a select team of freelancers when such projects arise and similar to that of our web development services can work on projects of any size.