Usability Experience Design, Testing & Eye Tracking

What do we do?

At Cerebral Usability we're in the business of providing insight into how users engage with clients' products and services. Through usability analysis, primarily through the utilisation of Tobii Eye Tracking systems, and other associated technologies, we can help our clients improve their service/product provision and thus ultimately improve their bottom line.

What areas can usability testing be utilised within?

Usability testing and the various eye tracking technologies employed in our research methodologies can analyse and measure users' interaction within an array of product areas including printed material such as newspapers and magazines, various screen technologies like computers, tablets, mobile phones and televisions for - to name but a few - websites, applications, gaming and advertising testing, and realtime shopping behaviour such as in-store observation analysis.

Why should I be interested in usability testing, particularly eye tracking analysis?

Although a variety of methods are employed when conducting usability testing and research, one of the key components is the eye tracking equipment. Through the utilisation of this specialised equipment both conscious and subconscious behaviours of the user, through the tracking of their eye movement and gaze, can be observed and analysed to a far greater degree than that employed in other more traditional research methodologies. Essentially, instead of hearing what respondents have to say through the more conventional use of depth interviews or focus groups, eye tracking opens up a whole new world of insight and allows you to step inside that person and see through their eyes how they interact with your product or service.

Where are you able to conduct eye tracking research?

Usability testing and eye tracking research can be conducted any where in the UK and in any international location. Also, testing is not restricted by venue and generally can be conducted where ever is most suitable for the client including purpose built market research studios, general venues such as hotel meeting rooms, in-store or on location and even and the client's own offices should they so wish.

Why consider Cerebral Usability and why using the correct respondent/user type is so important?

There's no denying that we do have competitors and in the main most should know how to conduct a usability project, however the key difference is that Cerebral Usability understand the key importance of the users/respondents that are used within the usability tests. No matter how well the research is planned, without a true understanding of the target users and the resulting objective screening of the proposed candidates, the research will be ineffective. With this in mind, and as the market leader with over 10 years experience within market research fieldwork and respondent recruitment, our sister company,, through close consultation with our team, ensures that your research is not conducted in vain and only objectively screened, genuine and reliable respondents are used within all our usability and eye tracking related projects.